The 2018 Survival Wardrobe

I feel badass about this project, and regret that I didn’t acknowledge it much on the blog. In summary: The 2018 Survival Wardrobe was a personal project (AKA New Years Resolution) to not spend any money on new clothing for 1 year. And I’ll call it a success.

My goal was to not spend any money on mass produced or even second hand clothing. Instead, I planned to make every clothing item I needed. Being a knowledgeable knitter and competent sewer, I felt confident that I could learn some new skills and develop a handmade wardrobe.

However, I’m no saint. I did add a few items to my wardrobe last year. But they were practical and necessary, so I’m allowed. The Exemptions:

– 1 pair of GAP linen pants from my neighborhood thrift store. I originally bought them for the Joan of Arc play that I designed costumes for, but they ended up not being used. I dyed them black and added them to my forever collection. Cost: $1

– 4 pairs of new undies 6 months in. Wish I put more thought/money/effort into the purchase, or even learned to make them myself, but I was traveling and it was a necessity. Cost: $15

– 1 pair Birkenstocks Tokyo in White (AKA My Favorite Shoes). These shoes are the best. They’re weird. They’re comfortable. They are everything. Cost: $65


The goal of this was to save money and create a handmade wardrobe. Success!

With the start of my new business, I didn’t get alot of chances to make a lot of projects. However, I did find the pattern of my dreams: The Trapeze Dress by Sewing Rabbit. I made some modifications (narrowed the skirt, lowered the armholes and neckline) and came up with a pattern that is going to serve me forever. I call it “The Play Dress.”

I made 2 of these dresses using the modified pattern, and figured out how to make a separate skirt/top from the same design. I used custom fabric that I hand dyed and painted, which makes the projects really stand out. For knitwear, I added 6 patterns to my Ravelry shop, and probably made even more things that I forgot about.

My resolution for 2019? MAKE more & WRITE more.

I’ll probably continue the survival wardrobe project, too.

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