THE CLOUD BERET knitting pattern

THE CLOUD BERET knitting pattern


I’ve never owned a beret, and honestly, they intimidated me before. It felt like one of those things that look good on other people, but look silly on you. A little too proper for my hippie tendencies.

But once I saw the yarn Ayphu by Sierra Yarns, I knew it would create a beautiful halo – and that shines through in this knitting pattern: The Cloud Beret. A rolled stockinette brim for structure. Stitched in knit & purl stockinette, the pattern makes the yarn’s texture shine. Gray & blue variegated yarn add to the cloudy effect. And the pom pom – well, that’s just for fun.

This yarn is a little “extra” because of the fuzzy texture, making it perfect for statement accessories. The light blue colorway has a heather effect, taking it to the land of neutral pastels. It’s one of those yarns that I wouldn’t have chosen automatically, but am now obsessed with.

Visit Ravelry to purchase The Cloud Beret knitting pattern.



The label’s tagline reads, “Wool of the Gods.” Need I say more? Ayphu by Sierra Yarns is 43% Baby Alpaca and 43% Wool, with 14% Polyamide. This trifecta makes the finished garment extra warm and soft. The website suggests #10 to #12 knitting needles, but I prefer the yarn knit with #10s. Any larger creates a pretty lacy effect. The yarn comes in 320 yard cakes, so you get lots of beautiful yarn at a great price. I even have enough to make another project…


The fuzz creates a lack of definition in the stitches, so the yarn may be better suited to non-complicated stitch patterns. Some of the detail may be lost in the halo. My first sample of this hat was completely different. It had an interesting stitch pattern and a ribbed brim. But because of the yarn’s texture, the intended impact was not there. I decided to commit to the image in my mind, and start from scratch.


I must say, this yarn is fuzzy! It creates such a lovely texture, but make “pattern editing” a challenge. The Cloud Beret was frogged twice during the design process, and it was difficult. However, the strands are super strong and didn’t break, so that’s a plus. I recommend swatching to check how your stitch pattern will look.


My favorite thing about Sierra Yarns is their earth friendly mission and products. They share, “Eco-friendly alpacas are easy keepers, who are light on the land, making them ideal fiber animals to raise.” As knitters, many of us practice our craft to be gentle on the earth’s resources and be light on the land. This makes alpaca the perfect choice for the eco-friendly maker. Sierra Yarns even plants a tree for every sale they make!

Purchase Ayphu by Sierra Yarns Here

More About Sierra Yarns, Alpacas & the Earth

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