It’s about time for a Fall update.

So much has happened since my last post and it’s hard to summarize – but here goes:

WILD LEAF design

Most importantly, Wildleaf Design LLC is now an official business! I’ve spent the last few months traveling the country, selling my knitting patterns and hand-printed fabric at fiber shows. The experience was eye-opening. I learned how to travel light, market to makers, and had a great experience. And of course, met wonderful women and artists in the making community. I plan to continue this creative career path as I move forward.

Delete & Detox

New decade, new me! I’m moving to New Mexico in about 4 months to start a new chapter of life. It’s something I’ve dreamed about ever since I visited the Land of Enchantment, and there’s no time like now!

Along with that comes downsizing my possessions, wardrobe and yarn/fabric stash. It’s crazy to think that I moved to New Orleans 3 years ago with only the things I could fit in my car. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of “things.” Even though I don’t have a ton of stuff, it’s certainly added up. Gifts from friends, free stuff, furniture, it all feels like extra weight that I need to delete.

A Simple Wardrobe

Along with simplifying my possessions, I’ve been taking a good, hard look at my wardrobe. So many of my favorite things are hard to see, because they’re overpowered by the random garments that never see the light of day. As I work through donating and selling my excess, it makes my closet and mind feel lighter.

As I sift through my closet, I see so many pieces that I hang onto because they’re “projects” that I want to work on someday. Will I ever dye that dress? Repair that hole? Probably not. What’s worse, seeing these to-do projects in my closet give me a little guilt trip every time I see them. The next donation box is going to be full of these someday projects, and hopefully they’ll go to someone who will really love them.

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