WOW. What a month. I’ve been doing a lot of planning and plotting. A lot of looking ahead. This process has been productive, yet terrifying. I had to face a lot of things (math, legal stuff, paperwork etc) that kept me stuck before. The set-up is always hardest, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Wrapped up the Joan of Arc costumes

I finally got to see my work come to life on stage. The costumes are part of the story. They speak to the character’s personalities and fit within the director’s vision. It’s a beautiful thing. Not to mention, the creative challenges kept me inspired the whole way through. This project gave me so much confidence as an artist, and  showed me what I’m capable of. Hand painting on fabric, knitting with bike tubes, and sewing custom garments is just the beginning of a new era.

Made some career moves

The aforementioned confidence has brought me to a new stage in my artistic career. I am brimming with ideas and inspiration. April has been about planning for the future. Planning, making deals, paying bills and doing paperwork is all part of the mystifying process of starting a business. I’m already looking ahead to summer and fall, and the next step in my career.

Scored on fabric & yarn

Somehow the stars aligned and some miracles happened. I got a sweet hookup and met an interior designer who is going out of business. He had an incredible warehouse of tassels, trim and fabric, and was letting nearly everything go. Needless to say, I scored. Unusual textiles, high quality fabrics and a special vintage rug came home with me. On another shopping trip, I found a surplus of high quality yarns for a steal. Lots of knitting, painting and dying to come!

Traveled to Seattle

Just gotta visit the family and get a reality check. And hike in the rain, of course. Nature is a primary source of inspiration for me. Everything from the wet moss to the tree bark and the flowing creeks speak to me. And I talked back.

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