In March, I was hired as the costume designer for an upcoming play about Joan of Arc. After meeting with the director and learning about his vision and aesthetic, I jumped at the opportunity. The director wanted to take modern approach to design and styling, while using traditional colors and symbolism.

After our first meeting at my studio (when he was out of earshot), I ran around my house and screamed with joy – it was the perfect project! It provided creative freedom and new challenges – my favorite way to design.

The most unusual material I worked with was rubber bike tubes. When cut into strips and knit, it creates an unusual “chain mail” material that looks like leather. I knit armor (see above), made chains, whips and accessories with it. Though the rubber tires are time consuming to work with, the end result is incredible. It’s an unusual, FREE material with lots of room for creativity.


Another work-in-progress is a dramatic cape for the finale, using the “more is more” aesthetic of Pierre et Gilles as inspiration. After staring at a scary, white, blank canvas for a week, I started painting large, freehand flowers all over the fabric. Layering colors and shading, the floral pattern came to life. Now it’s time to paint the leafs, background and add gold accents.

Although this was my first time doing this kind of work, I knew I could bring a unique eye to this project. However, I have been feeling all the feels. Excitement, fear, joy, imposter syndrome, creativity, even some sleepless nights. But in reality, this has been a big confidence boost and an amazing opportunity. I have had the desire to break into the costume design industry for a long time, and now it’s happening!

To be continued…




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