KNITTING PATTERN: the seed drape


The Seed Drape is my new favorite thing. I love it so much that I am creating entire outfits so that I can wear it every day. This garment can be worn so many different ways, from a drape to a cape to a hood. It’s a perfect transition piece between winter and spring.

This garment simply drapes over the shoulders, but the design is complex. The drape is worked entirely in seed stitch, however the asymmetrical shaping and optional felting makes it a really unique project. I love the ease and simplicity of this garment. One size fits most, and the shape can be customized by trying it on as you knit.

I combined two different yarns for this project, working the majority in a washable wool, and one of the shoulders in a classic wool. After finishing the project, I lightly hand-felted the classic wool area to provide some texture and shaping around the shoulder. However, I’m excited to see this project worked in lightweight fibers like linen, silk or cotton for spring/summer. It could be a really cool beach cover-up, too.    ; )

Download the pattern and knit your own seed drape. It’ll become a staple in your handmade wardrobe.




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