February Projects

It’s Spring in New Orleans. Temperatures are reaching the 70s and 80s on the regular. It’s been nice to see the sun, ride bikes and finally hang with neighbors outside. It’s a full moon tonight- and the end of the month. Thank goodness, cause this month has been a wild ride.

Let’s just say this was a month of progress and unfinished projects. So many plans and good ideas, not enough time. For me, it’s easy to be hard on myself about not following through, but it’s difficult to let it go. Working on not pressuring myself to meet unrealistic goals. Plus, I made a ton of cool shit this month, even if they are works in progress.

The Six Drape

So excited about this pattern. It’s asymmetrical shape is sculpted by combining washable and raw wool, and felting the wool to add texture. It drapes over the shoulders. The piece can be worn like a hood or a shawl. It’s not finished, but it’s going to be the best thing ever. Knitting pattern to follow.

Mardi Gras “Fur” Coat

Another work in progress with lots of potential. As a (self-declared) yarn hoarder, I have issues with throwing yarn scraps away. The solution? Turn them into “fur” by stitching the yarn into the fabric, and leaving the ends exposed. Eventually, I want the entire jacket to be stitched with fur. This was surprisingly time consuming, and didn’t get finished by Mardi Gras. Like any self-respecting introvert, I stayed home and gardened on the holiday while everyone else partied. The jacket never went to the parades, but maybe next year…

WIP: The Puffy Vest

Another exciting project with a felted twist. Picture It: A knit puffy vest that is felted for warmth and durability. This is still live on the needles, but I’m excited to see how this turns out.

Twining Loom

I built a cool thing. As a (self-declared) fabric hoarder, I also have issues with throwing fabric scraps away. The solution? Build a loom and weave your scraps into something awesome. I want to start with rugs and see where it takes me.

Alquimie Silk Ribbon Yarn

Beyond opening up our new French Quarter boutique, the silk ribbon yarn has been available at The Quarter Stitch, our amazing local yarn store. They’re selling it like crazy, and I can’t wait to see what is next for this product line. Check out the silk ribbon yarn yarn on the Alquimie Studio website.

The Mystery Sweater

Still a work in progress. Getting closer to releasing the pattern, I swear. Stay tuned…

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